And then it’s winter

Posted by Pat on January 31, 2016 in Uncategorized |

You know…time has a way of moving quickly and catching us unaware of the passing years. It seems just yesterday that I was young, embarking on my life. Yet in a way, it also seems like eons ago, and I wonder where all the years went. I know that I lived them all. I have […]


What if you don’t want a new beginning?

Posted by Pat on January 24, 2016 in Uncategorized |

What’s wrong with things as they are? Why are we so easily lured into the idea that something is broken that needs fixing? Don’t get me wrong-I’m all for personal growth and even transformation. But the messages in January seem to point to wholesale changes. I’m too tired to change my whole life. Or maybe I’m […]


A mindset of “maybe?”

Posted by Pat on January 17, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Do you ever find yourself caught in a mental loop of negative thinking? Do your everyday worries seem to be overwhelming? Can you think of 5 ways something can go wrong instead of right? Does the glass seem half empty instead of half full? Instead of thinking just in black and white, positive and negative, […]


Do you have a prediction?

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Do you have any surefire predictions for 2016? I do! (thanks to Seth Godin and his blog) See if you agree with any of them! I’m betting on the following happening in 2016:   Something obvious will become obvious. That thing that everyone was afraid of won’t come to pass. We’ll waste more than a […]


A blank calendar…

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 calendarI love looking at a brand new calendar!

As I look at the pictures and the day the holidays and my birthday will fall on, I love seeing all the white spaces.

Each square is ready and waiting for me to write whatever I want.

And I know in a year, I’ll be looking back at all those spaces that used to be white and they will have the record of my days of the year.

Before we begin filling in those white spaces, we need to make sure

our mind is clear,

our heart is ready, and

we have nothing holding us back.

The New Year sits before each of us like a big, blank canvas.


And this is a perfect time to reflect on our lives as they unfolded this past year.

It’s a perfect time to decide what baggage we want to release as we move into our new year.

And learning to let go is the first step in creating our new life.

A blank canvas (a clean slate, a new page!)

  • begs us to not waste it,
  • not to clutter it up with minutia,
  • not to let it become dreary or boring.

 danny kaye

     We can add

color and contentment and

peace and plenty, and

harmony and happiness.

If change seems difficult, it’s only because we don’t believe we can do it. We falsely assume that life just is what it is and that we are destined to continue in the same patterns as always.

But science has proven again and again (and our hearts know this!) that change is possible. And it begins with the belief that it is possible.

  • Belief fosters hope.
  • Hope fosters action.
  • Action can move mountains!

I’ll bet that if you look back at 2015 you will see that you handled many hardships and difficulties. And even if you’re going through one right now, you know there’s a light at the end of tunnel because your past proves your ability to overcome it!

So let’s get the paint out and create a fun, colorful and exciting new year!

You know you can  do it and so do I!




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